Wednesday, August 09, 2006

akwaaba means welcome

Don't worry, I won't update the blog this often. We just have a ton of time because classes don't start for another couple of weeks. So what have I been doing you ask? well yesterday we got up too early and treked across campus to the bank and the international programs office. Now, since I still don't have my luggage (which I hope to change in about 40 minutes when I go to the airport, again) I didn't have a decent pair of tennis shoes to wear, so I wore my reefs. bad idea. we then treked back to the ISH (international hostel) then back out again to catch a tro-tro to head into Accra. The tro-tro was an interesting experience. Pretty much crammed in there really tight with a bunch of Ghanaians which was really cool. The whole trip into Accra people kept coming up to the windows and trying to sell stuff, such as gas caps for the gas tank on the car, toothbrushes, fried plantains, towels. What was really interesting was the fact that these hawkers weren't coming up to the tro-tros because of tourists; this was where many Ghanaians actually bought their goods. In Accra we just walked around looking at all the street vendors. Charles was the Ghanaians favorite. They would see him and say "nice white boy" or come up to him and stare. it was really funny. I don't think ghanaians know how to react to me. it's like I am not white, but I am not ghanaian. Sometimes they seem confused when I tell them I am from the states (one guy asked if I was from Jamaica). oh well. we ate some really spicy rice for lunch and then we headed back. I had my first interaction with malarial mosquitos last night haha. I doused my self in off though, so no worries. We walked on campus around 7:30 but none of the restaurants were opened. So then we just went to the Mobile station. I had a cheeseburger. This place sells american food that is overly expensive. We saw a bunch of americans there and I decided I don't like them because they only hang out with americans. I roll in a posse with two canadians, one norwegian, one german, three americans, a guy who claims he is Irish, and occassionally a beninese. The Ghanaians and other African students haven't arrived quite yet. We have developed a couple of tag alongs...Kwame who gave me a bracelet and wants me to play basketball with him and also wants to give me a lesson on African history and teach me Twi due to the fact that I am his "african sister," "Ko"joe who makes drums and also tries to sell Charles weed, and a few others. We ask a Ghanaian how to get somewhere but they won't tell us, they have to show us. then they stay with us for a long time. its awkward. Tonight "Auntie Maggie," our night porter, is going to make us Fufu which is a traditional dish. then we are going to a reggae festival on the beach. It should be fun. I think the other African students will be arriving really soon, so I should get a roommate and all that jazz. Its really quiet in the ISH without them. I learned a cool card game we shall call "Norweigan guess the card on your forehead game" which is fun. An omelette here is eggs, some spices, all omlettized up then smashed in the middle of a huge chunk of sweet white butter bread and grilled. You eat this with Milo or tea or nescafe. that is breakfast. for a dollar. That's what's up. haha. Okay I have written a lot today, so I will shut up. I hope all things at home are good.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your adjusting well and I definitlly like the sound of the possy you're hanging out with. My type of crowd. Much love, Ktegypt

Anonymous said...

By the way, i didnt read all of you blog when i posted that comment...and now i have. hehe, ture Katie style.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a big GOOD LUCK with eating fufu. As you might be able to tell i'm a good eater, not picky. And i've lived in Africa/Asia/Middle East for all of my life, so I have tried my fare share of exotic things. But fufu did me in. It made me gag. lol. Good luck. And remember, dont chew!!

I hope you and Phelps meet up!

Much Love, Ktegypt

PS Be carefull at the Regee night on the beach and make sure to go with guyes.

Jozette said...

Hey Justine!!! Glad you made it to Africa safe and sound. I read all of your blogs this evening. You are 2 funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them... so much even, that I stopped to take a moment to email Greg, Anna, and your Papa to tell them how funny you are! LOL.... keep 'em coming!

I am really proud of you. You have ventured out and embarked on adventures that most people only dream about. I wish you Godspeed!

Sounds like you're settling in pretty well. Hope you get your luggage soon. I'm surprised that the natives of the Motherland don't know you're black. You'll have to learn how to tell them!

Can't wait to see pix. How's the weather there? Does it feel like it's 115 degrees.. or hotter?

Will your class schedule be similar to how it's structured at Elon?

Marcus said...

What's up, Justine! This is Marcus, your cousin from Greensboro. I hope you're enjoying Ghana. I hear it's a beautiful place. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can while you're there...soak it up.

Alex said...

i envy you.... enjoy yourself. i take these lame summer adventures and you take sweet 9 month long adventures. keep it real kid. look forward to your updates

Your Cousin said...

Ghanaian Day Names:

Kwesi - Akosua - born on Sunday
Kojo - Adwoa - born on Monday
Kwabena - Abena - born on Tuesday
Kweku - Akua - born on Wednesday
Yao/Kwao - Yaa/Aba - born on Thursday
Kofi - Afia/Afua/Fofie - born on Friday
Kwame - Ama - born on Saturday