Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2.5 weeks and counting

So about two weeks ago I finally heard from the University of Ghana. I am to arrive at Kotoko Airport in Accra Ghana on the 7th of August at 7pm. I will be leaving North Carolina on the 6th at 1:30. Yes, I have many lay overs. but I figured a good book and anticipation should keep me busy. I have also found out that a fellow from Elon by the name of Charles will also be studying in Ghana with me. Perhaps a potential travel partner? I got some shots today and I have sent in my visa application. On top of trying to prepare for that I am finishing up my research project (our final presentations are next thursday..>Eek!). Been writing and editing like mad. Good times. I didn't get a Rabies shot...hopefully i don't get bitten by any wild animals (and if you know my current history of animal bites outside of the country you would know that I am very tasty to said creatures). I am getting excited but I am kinda worried because I don't feel prepared at all. Not to mention its been like 100 degrees here and I am complaining but heck, i will be in Africa for four months and its pretty hot there (haha understatement of the year).