Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...And I am in the country

I finally made it to Ghana last night around 8. One of my bags made it with me, but one is still in london. That is no good, but hey it happens. I have to go pick it up tonight. My room in the international hostel is very nice. It has a balcony. I will post pics up when i get a chance. There are a lot of international kids; so far I have met a canadian and a norweigan and a bunch of kids from California. The Ghanaians are trying to teach us Twi, but its hard to remember all of the phrases. My flights in weren't bad...the flight to london i couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep so I slept alot in the airport. The flight to ghana was good and i woke up just in enough time to see us cross the med sea to Libya so i got to see the sahara! That was cool. Ghana reminds me of peru...just with a lot more black people. haha. Anywho, I will try to post every week or so, or if a funny story needs to be told. I met Charles, the kid from Elon, in line in London (they call it a "queue" here). Just so everyone knows i arrived safely and in one piece.


Dad said...

Hi Justine!

I am glad that you made it safely and are getting familiar with Ghana. I can't beleive you are so far away!!


vanessa said...

Hello Justine,
Glad you made it safely. We're so proud of you. Your picture looks beautiful. Take care, be safe, and enjoy the experience.

Keith, vanessa & Lisa Wilkes