Thursday, August 17, 2006

"You can be my African queen"

So, i wanted to update the blog, but i decided to take my time. i will begin with what i have been doing since the last update. this past weekend we went to Kokrobitey beach, which is about an hour away. We had intentions of going to cape coast, but we missed the bus. Kokrobitey was nice...we stayed at a hotel...but we slept outside on a loft for $3.20USD. anywho, we slept on sandy mattresses with mozquito nests, and it wasn't too bad, actually. we ate delicious banana pancakes and enjoyed a entertaining reggae concert. Although it wasn't quite sunny on the beach, it was still nice.
My next topic of discussion is the Ghanaian men. I was warned that they could be a bit "friendly." but holy crap. Anytime I am walking alone across campus, at least 6 guys try to talk to me. They say they want to be my friend and ask me what my name is and where i live. I have gotten used to telling them my name is Cynthia and I live in an all girls hall on campus (which is all a lie, in case you didn't know). Now I am just telling them I am engaged. but they still keep harassing me. its obnoxious. when they call you over to them, they make this hissing sound. I try to ignore them, but they chase me down. i know i am goregous and all that, but seriously!
I mentioned fufu in my last blog as well. fufu is cassava and plantain made into doughy balls and served with a "lite" soup with meat (we had fish), okra, garden eggs, and a host of other questionable objects. you dip some of the fufu into the soup, then swallow down the doughy mass. do not try to chew, or you will gag. it was not good. i like all types of food, but i couldn't eat a lot of fufu. at least i tried it. ghanaian chocolate is really good. i like to spread it on my bread for breakfast. i also like egg sandwiches (already mentioned), meat pies, and pastries. The rice and even the pasta are often too spicy for me. Crackers and cookies are cheap and tasty.
Food isn't really that cheap here, or as inexpensive as i thought it was going to be. sure, you can get a meal for a dollar, but it might not be that appetizing. I try to keep it cheap by buying something, i.e. a loaf of bread and munching on that for the week.
Classes....haven't started yet. things here are slow, and you gotta be patient. first, you have to go to the departments and see what is offered (some just put up the courses today, even though classes are supposed to start monday). second, you must register for the classes (this involves standing in a long queue and taking 300 passport pictures with you). third, you must register with the dean of the head department (i.e. social studies) fourth, you have to find out the timetables of the courses offered and see if they conflict. fifth, you go to your classes, see if you like them of you don't (6th) you must drop/add which you have about a two week period to do. then, 7th, you actually take the courses. haha. I am probably at the third step, and i have been trying to register since monday.


Anonymous said...

You need a converter plug for your laptop. They must have them around there somewhere. Keep looking.

I see that your cousins have been in touch.

You leave me speechless.


Rosa Neto Lopes said...

Hi Justine,Aunt Rosa hre. Wish I was there. It sounds so exciting what experiences you are having. Love.

Jozette said...

Justine... honey... watch out for the menzez... they may appear harmless, but you never know. As one of your older cousins, (yes, I'll be 35 in March)... i said "older" not "old")i have to tell you to be very careful walking alone. As a matter of fact, try not to! :)

I (we... your family and friends) want you to be safe at all times... have fun, but be safe!

That fufu.. ewwww.....sounds like we need to rename it "oon fufu" ...sounds nasty! LOL...

Today is Aug 22, so hopefully you've completed the registration process and have started classes... enjoy...Beautiful African Queen...

much luv