Monday, February 04, 2013

Yako! For the Elephants

Currently, Africa is caught up in the fervor that is the CAN, Africa Cup of Nations. Starting with 16 teams, it's now down to the play-offs, and unfortunately, Côte d'Ivoire was unable to make it out of the quarter finals.


~That's what we say here to show sympathy or when something bad has happened (apparently comes from the Baoulé). You're sick? Yako! You slipped and fell? Yako! We even saw a very ironic insurance company of that name, advertising that before you reach the point when everyone is telling you Yako, you ought to buy a life insurance policy!

We were ready to support the Elephants all the way; last year they made it to the finals and lost just by one penalty kick to Zambia. We figured with Didier Drogba on the team, there was no way we would lose. We beat Togo, we beat Tunisia (3-0)! Tied Algeria... and then lost to Nigeria (2-1). we supported them as best as we could, wearing bright orange jerseys, drinking the local beer, and cheering hard... but it just wasn't enough.

Sorry... now I am rooting for Mali, considering they could use the moral boost during their current crisis....

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